Welcome to Raptor performance. Since 2002 we have been manufacturing high efficiency centrifugal superchargers that provide significant performance gains. Due to ongoing research Raptor SC offers technology’s that are often not found on any other brand such as: liquid cooling, decoupler clutches, billet impellers, infinite drive/boost on demand, hollow shafts and anodised colour options. No Raptor supercharger requires engine oil or any oil for its operation, this results in a supercharger product that operate much cooler than all others. Lower temperatures, more engine power more safely.

There are Raptor supercharger systems for Holden, Toyota, Subaru (H4/H6) and Ford. Globally there are supercharger systems incorporating Raptor Supercharger head units for Porsche, Ferrari, Kia/Hyundai and BMW vehicles
Australia’s only centrifugal supercharger manufacturer

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