Hilux 4.0 V6 I/C 2005 - 2013 Kits

The 1GRFE engine is an exceptional engine in stock form however it can yield incredible power increases very easily with just a small amount of supercharging. The easily fitted Raptor system complete with ECU preprogrammed will instantly increase power from 175 to 270kw at the first little step, then with intercooling and liquid cooled supercharger the power may exceed 350kw.

The Hilux is "unbreakable", the Raptor kit makes Hilux "unbeatable" by almost anything else.

Suitable for 2WD and 4WD vehicles

The systems below include 2 year warranty on full kits and 1 year warranty on partial kit - bolt on and go - the only extra is HORSEPOWER

13.7 sec quartermile on 5.7psi - 2WD auto or 5.5sec 0-100kmh

This kit has exceptional features that no other manufacturer will ever be able to provide - Get Raptor - Get the Best - at a low price

The full kit prices INCLUDE ECU, Tuning and ECU plug in loom - all plug and play


Parts included


DescriptionEng KwWheel KWPsi boost% Power gainPrice
Power Core Premium MAXX3502458-AUD$7600
Power Core Premium2902207-AUD$6900
Power Core2752055-AUD$5900